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Be Aware of Traffic Laws in Construction Zones

Be Aware of Traffic Laws in Construction Zones

Summer construction is alive and well in Nevada. With many long-term road projects in the works, it is important to be aware of traffic laws involving road construction zones. If you thought it was painful to get a Las Vegas speeding ticket under normal conditions, just wait until you feel the extra burn of construction-zone enhancements!

Speeding through a Nevada construction zone is a common traffic violation. The penalties for speeding through a road construction zone include an expensive fine, six months in jail or 120 hours of community service.  A notice of construction must be posted before and after the work zone in Nevada.  The notices should indicate the speed limit that is allowed in the work zone for motorist. In addition to a speeding citation, you can also be ticketed for failure to obey a traffic device.

It is especially important to be aware of workers in a construction zone. A speeding violation can easily escalate to charges that are more serious if a worker is injured. Tracking the progress of various road projects and being more aware in road construction zones can help you avoid serious traffic laws.

If you receive a traffic ticket in a Nevada construction zone, contact us to help you fix your Nevada ticket online. We can cut through the red tape and get you the best result possible. It is well worth the money to avoid getting points on your Nevada license to fix the ticket form the beginning. Call or click today.

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  1. Suzanne July 14, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    My 21 year-old son just got his first speeding ticket. He lives in San Diego and got his ticket in Las Vegas, driving 66 miles per hour in a posted, construction zone. He did not tell the officer that he is in the United States Nany, leaving for his first deployment on July 25th, in 11 days. He will be in Iran. How does he handle this problem? He’s very upset. Thank You.

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