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NHP Annouces Badge On Board November 15th to November 18th

In Nevada today, the Nevada Department of Transportation announced the start of the Badge On Board Program which will see Nevada state troopers driving unmarked big-rigs on Las Vegas interstate freeways 95 and 15. When they see Las Vegas traffic violations Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) will contact marked and unmarked highway patrol officers to issue speeding and other citations. If you have received a Las Vegas vehicular citation and wish to avoid court appearances and traffic school, please contact us today.

Unmarked Nevada Highway Patrol big rigs, unmarked police cars and marked patrol vehicles will be on the lookout for the following offenses: unsafe lane changes; failure to signal lane changes; failure to yield the right of way; following too closely; speeding; failure to use due care; aggressive driving (a combination of two or more behaviors).  Due to the seriousness of unsafe driving near large trucks and buses, the NHP has adopted a no-tolerance policy during Badge On Board, which will run from November 15th to November 18th. Go to to fight or fix your Nevada ticket online. offers Las Vegas drivers the ability to fix tickets online and complete traffic school online. Our experienced Nevada traffic attorneys focus on all traffic cases, including DUI. Contact us today.

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