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NHP to Issue Cell Phone Ban Tickets Jan 1st!

Recently Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Allen recently spoke about the Nevada cell phone ban. NHP officers across Southern Las Vegas will start ticketing drivers using their cell phone while driving in Las Vegas in just over a week, when the Nevada cell phone bill comes into effect. Drivers are warned that a first offense will run nearly $100 with court costs and a second offense can run up to $150. A second offense of driving while on a cell phone in Las Vegas will result in 4 points on your license. We represent Nevada and out-of-state drivers with all Southern Nevada traffic infractions, including Las Vegas speeding, Henderson reckless driving or any Clark County distracted driving infraction.

Trooper Allen explained a key point of the upcoming Nevada cell phone law. You can be ticketed for using your phone while at a stoplight or stop sign in Las Vegas. Many Nevadans who normally would never think of texting while their car is moving take the opportunity to use their phones while stopped. If you have received a Las Vegas careless driving citation and would like to fight or fix your ticket, please contact us today.

While the Nevada cell-phone while driving ban was enacted in the last legislative session, has the Nevada traffic law experience to fight or fix your ticket with no court visits. We also offer online traffic school!

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