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Nevada Elderly Drivers Surpass National Average in Traffic Fatalities

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Nevada Elderly Drivers Surpass National Average in Traffic Fatalities

Unfortunately, as we get older our vision and decision making ability begins to fall. While driving, approximately 85% of the information used to pilot a vehicle comes from the eyes. In particular, night vision drastically reduces as you age. A person’s peripheral vision also declines as they get older. These factors are not helped when an older driver’s concentration and reaction times also deteriorate. All of this can lead to confusion when an older driver enters a congested intersection or needs to make drastic decisions behind the wheel. If you are an older driver, who has been cited after a Las Vegas automobile accident, contact to fight or fix your ticket today.

Health factors can also reduce the safety of an elderly driver. Arthritis can make quick emergency movements extremely painful. Stroke or Parkinson’s disease can also negatively a person’s driving ability. Deteriorating vision can be a compounding factor from diabetes. Finally, many medications, both prescription and over-the-counter can have a negative effect on reaction time. If you are elderly, it is important to get annual vision checks for road safety reasons. If your Las Vegas traffic accident was due to old age, and you were ticketed, can help process your citation entirely online.

In 2010, in Nevada older drivers were involved in more fatal accidents than the national average. Older Nevada drivers were involved in 24% of traffic fatalities in 2010. Across the United States, only 17% of traffic fatalities involved drivers 65-years or older. Nevada was second in this metric, lagging behind only Vermont, where 32% of Elderly drivers were involved in a traffic accident. If you have been ticketed for Failure to Use Due Care in an accident with an elderly driver, contact the Nevada traffic attorneys with to discuss your case. is the leading Southern Nevada traffic fixing website. Through our longstanding relationships with the traffic authorities of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Clark County and other surrounding communities, we are able to process moving violation citations online, often without time consuming court visits.

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