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If Arrested for a Las Vegas DUI, Contact Before Agreeing to Any Plea

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If Arrested for a Las Vegas DUI, Contact Before Agreeing to Any Plea

To illustrate our point, earlier this week we wrote about the Las Vegas DUI arrest of a prominent Democratic Nevada legislator. We have now learned that Assemblyman Joe Hogan (D-Las Vegas) is contesting his misdemeanor Las Vegas DUI citation and is certain the blood test he requested in lieu of a breathalyzer will prove his innocence. Assemblyman Hogan asserts he was not intoxicated and had only drunk a “small ammount of wine”. Mr. Hogan was travelling from an Assembly Democratic fundraiser at the Wynn Casino to his home. His arrest occurred on Tam Dr. at Sahara Ave. If you have been cited for a Las Vegas DUI and wish to fight or fix your citation, contact for a free legal consultation.

Assemblyman Hogan has followed one of the many of the prescribed strategies for fighting a Las Vegas DUI arrest, however one that does have some risk. While the Assemblyman asserts he was not driving while intoxicated, his request for a blood test over the breathalyzer ha both benefits and drawbacks. A blood test is much more accurate measure of a person’s blood alcohol level, since many breathalyzers tests can erroneously register blood alcohol content if the person has dentures, food caught in their teeth, cavities or other dental work. Vomiting or burping just before a breathalyzer can erroneously raise the reading. However, a blood test can prove to be just as dangerous. A person’s blood alcohol level may rise while he or she is taken to the police station. It could also fall during the trip. However, if you have been cited for a Clark County DUI, speak to the attorneys at before your court date. Our experience defending Southern Nevada DUI enables us to quickly determine if the Las Vegas Metro Police have sufficient evidence to convict you. In addition, is often able to negotiate shorter community service sentences and lower fines than many are able to secure on their own.

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