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Las Vegans Still Confused By Cell Phone While Driving Bill

Las Vegans Still Confused By Cell Phone While Driving Bill

When the Nevada legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval agreed to the 2011 ban on cell phone use while driving in Nevada, many wondered what the details of the bill was and whether or not it would have an influence on Las Vegas pedestrian fatalities and other Nevada traffic accidents. The penalties from the law are relatively simple. The first time you are caught driving while on a cell phone in Nevada, the fine is $50. The second offense is $100 and the third time you are ticketed for driving on a cell phone in Clark County, the fine rises to $250.

There are a number of ways you can get a ticket for driving while on your cell phone in Las Vegas and a number of ways to avoid a ticket. Talking on a phone while you are behind the wheel is the most obvious way to be ticketed under the new law. Another way is to be texting or looking at the mobile web while driving. Many are surprised that the law also prevents them from texting or using your phone while at a stop light in Las Vegas. Authorities suggest that each time a driver uses his or her cell phone while driving, he or she takes their eyes off the wheel for at least four seconds. There are ways to avoid being ticketed for using your cell phone while driving – you can not use your cell or you can use a headset or hands free device. Most hands free devices retail for $25 to $125, many less than a first time offense ticket for using your cell phone while driving. was developed in conjunction with the Clark County Traffic Court to provide Las Vegas with a quicker, more efficient way to process their Las Vegas speeding tickets. From our website, you can fight or fix nearly any Las Vegas traffic ticket, including speeding in Las Vegas, Las Vegas DUI and more.

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One Comment

  1. David February 17, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    i got a ticket and i was using a hands free kit. the cop said i could not even have my phone in my hand.
    i looked this up and according to NRS there is a provision that states i can as long as to initiate activate or deactivate a hands free kit. which i was doing. he Officer Gosnar did not seem to care at all and had no care for the fact i am disabled. stating “if you are disabled, where is your crutches or cane.” this as i am coming from my doctor because i have a steel plate in my neck from a wreck. i told Gosnar this and again he did not care and them proceeded to put me thru not 1 but 3 field sobriety tests all because i said i was on the way to the pharmacy to fill my scripts. he was very unpleasant and now its my word against his and i fear i will lose just because we will lie on the stand. or “not remember” the hands free kit i showed him. this is a nightmare. don’t think a hands free kit will save you. i still got a ticket and i had one and was using it as per NRS law

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