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Update in DUI Case in Major Accident

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Update in DUI Case in Major Accident

All that’s left for one driver who was facing DUI charges in Las Vegas from a headline grabbing crash is to be sentenced by the judge. This is the driver of the vehicle that smashed into a popular Las Vegas eatery, the Egg and I, over a year ago. If you remember this story from other news sites or our coverage, skip ahead to the next paragraph. For those of you who didn’t hear about this story, a little catch up: April first of last year, lunch hour, a vehicle driven by the defendant crosses the median on Sahara Avenue, hits a sedan and a pickup that were going the opposite direction, and then smashes into the restaurant after barreling through the outdoor seating patio, at least according to witnesses. Ten people were hurt in this Las Vegas car accident, to varying degrees. The driver is charged with driving under the influence in Clark County after police found Xanax, marijuana, and a synthetic drug called spice in his system above and beyond the legal limits for any of them. Several people were seriously injured. The driver who was charged with DUI in Southern Nevada tried to flee, as did his passenger, who was not charged with a crime.

The almost-final word in the case is that prosecutors and the defense attorney reached a plea deal. The driver plead guilty to driving under the influence and causing serious injuries, and felony. For that plea, four other charges, all felonies, were dropped. The young man, whose 20th birthday was the day of the accident, is likely facing a 2-20 year prison sentence. The sentencing will take place at the end of July, and the injured persons and their families are likely to be there.

If you’re facing a DUI charge in Southern Nevada, no matter if it was as high profile as this one or as regular as a traffic stop for a broken tail light, can help, and in the easiest way possible: online. Our top Nevada DUI attorneys know just what to do to get you the best outcome for your case, and will take care of everything for you – you don’t have to visit our office or go to court yourself, in many cases. We can handle everything, with top legal expertise, while you live your life. Visit today to fight your Las Vegas DUI online.

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