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More Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Called For by Newspaper

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More Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Called For by Newspaper

It seems like clockwork that another newspaper editorial would have come out recently asking how we can eliminate or reduce the number of traffic accidents on our streets. Upping enforcement and handing out more traffic tickets in Las Vegas Metro’s area is one idea proposed, as is master planning of communities. Other problems identified and listed in blocks that are too long and should be shortened, the addition of more pedestrian walk ways, more police officers to carry out the extra enforcement listed above, and that more accountability should be taken and given.

The article calls out certain efforts that have been put into place to lower the number of accidents in Las Vegas. In lieu of the ability to hire more officers, for a variety of reasons, Metro Police have shifted enforcement strategies. They’ve deprioritized sending officers to take statements and do official reports on car accidents in Las Vegas that don’t initially present with injuries. Laws have been enacted to combat distracted driving which is a definite cause of accidents and pedestrian injuries such as banning texting and talking while driving in Nevada and giving cell phone tickets out for it. It was even made a primary offense, meaning you can get pulled over and ticketed for that alone.

Furthermore, steps have been taken along the lines of public outreach campaigns to bring additional attention to the most persistent causes of accidents. Those, perhaps not surprisingly, have focused on buzzed driving and distracted driving in Southern Nevada.

Along with all of this comes rounds of extra traffic tickets being handed out on roads, and people looking for the best way to fight their Las Vegas traffic ticket online. is that place. Our system is easy to use, puts you in touch with top traffic attorneys in Southern Nevada, and saves you money for the same reason you’ll love it: you don’t have to come into our office our go to traffic court in most cases. This time saved is money saved, and at we pass that along to you. Just visit today, put in a few basic details about your citation, and it’s all downhill from there.

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