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Fewer Las Vegas Speeding Tickets, Fewer Cops

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Fewer Las Vegas Speeding Tickets, Fewer Cops

A recent article on traffic enforcement, accidents, and overall strategy that we saw in the Las Vegas Sun was interesting for several reasons. First and foremost, the article quoted law enforcement officials, including Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, as saying the Las Vegas Metro Police don’t have enough officers anymore to run speed traps with radar and furthermore don’t have enough patrol cars out on the streets to effectively be giving out enough Las Vegas speeding tickets to keep traffic safety as well under control as it could be.

This will be news to any of the vast numbers of people cited speeding in Clark County, or DUI, reckless driving, and any number of other traffic infringements. Our top traffic ticket attorneys here at certainly haven’t seen any dramatic drop in people seeking our help in dealing with traffic issues and Las Vegas traffic court, nor any major reduction in people using our system, the best way to fight a Nevada speeding ticket online. If you’ve been unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of a speeding ticket in Clark County and want to fight it the easy way, ergo totally online, visit today to find out exactly how easy it can be to skip Las Vegas traffic traffic court, and any special trips whatsoever – our attorneys handle everything for you. In most cases, you don’t even need to visit our offices, much less traffic court or school. All you need to do is visit today.

One other interesting tidbit in this piece is that traffic accident in Las Vegas, and traffic fatalities as well, are down year over year, despite not having enough cops on the streets, at least according to the sheriff. The number of DUI arrests in Clark County, and the number of tickets in general, is down as well. While of course there may be any number of other, external factors that account for this, it’s interesting that less ticketing, less DUIs, and less cops on patrol has correlated with a reduction, not an increase (at least thus far) in the number of traffic accidents and deaths in Las Vegas. One factor spoken of in this article is program Metro funds to educate drivers about safety habits. Still, interesting to see that, at least temporarily, less enforcement is coinciding with less problems.


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