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Watch for Speeding Tickets North of Las Vegas on I15

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Watch for Speeding Tickets North of Las Vegas on I15

Have you needed to drive north of Las Vegas on Interstate 15 recently? If so, you’ve probably noticed something: traffic slowing to a crawl, at least for the last month. There’s construction going on that’s taking traffic down to one lane in each direction at times. If this is your commute, perhaps you live out in Overton and work in North Las Vegas, you’re probably all too familiar with this new reality. One of the things we see from our clients here at is how much construction traffics can bring about speeding tickets in North Las Vegas and across the valley. It’s not just that police can be extra vigilant and strict in enforcement of a speeding ticket in a work zone in Clark County, it’s what the slowing traffic does to the rest of your commute and timing that can sometime get you. If you’re looking to fight a Las Vegas speeding ticket online is your best, easiest, least expensive choice.

We’ve seen, and experienced ourselves certainly, how some days you’re just running late. If you add on top of that maybe forgetting for one morning that construction traffic is going on, boy are you in for it. Already rushing and agitated and nervous to get in quickly, a slowed down interstate for road maintenance can be the last thing you needed to see. The trouble is then you’re running even later, and you think to try to make up the time by pushing it a little extra, just a touch harder, when traffic opens up and you just go for it. It works sometimes that you just breeze through. If you just had one of the times that wasn’t, where a cop from the Las Vegas Metro bureau or any other force in the valley pulls you over and writes the ticket for speeding in Southern Nevada, is your place to fight the ticket easily and painlessly online.

The last thing you need, if you’ve been in the above situation, is to have another hassle onto your plate. That’s why you should head on over to and put a few basic details into our easy to use online system. That connects you with a lawyer who will ease your case through the system quickly and most favorably. Best of all, you don’t even need to leave the house to get your case handled for the vast majority of our clients. 24hourticketpower takes care of everything on your Las Vegas speeding ticket – try us today.

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