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Could a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket Save a Life, Too?

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Could a Las Vegas Speeding Ticket Save a Life, Too?

Very few people in Las Vegas get a speeding ticket and are happy about it. Very few people worldwide, we’d guess, are happy to get speeding ticket or traffic violation. We feel comfortable making that guess because even though fights traffic tickets online in Clark County, not worldwide, we know the sentiment. We also know a speeding ticket really means the same thing everywhere – some sort of fine or demerit or worse – not a warm cookie and glass of milk carried on a tray by the officer pulling you over. If only wishing made it so. However, not to bury the lead too too far: there’s a recent speeding ticket story in Las Vegas news about a man in Maine having his life saved after nearly dying during a traffic stop for speeding.

This story comes to us all the way from Kennebunk, Maine. Yes, that Kennebunk, the vacation spot of presidents and dignitaries and East Coast elites. Just a few short days ago an 86 year old man was stopped for speeding, and was hit with an apparent heart attack just moments after handing over the requisite license and registration. We’ll save the jokes about the officer scaring him or a speeding ticket’s true fear factor. For whatever reason, the man needed saving, and needed saving fast. The officer, one Michael Harrington of the Kennebunk Police Department, abandoned the traffic citation and gave the guy CPR instead. Between his efforts and the help of another officer who brought over the defibrillator, Gavin Falconer survived. There was no word yet on if the speeding ticket still stands, or if it nearly scaring the life out of him was enough.

Folks, you don’t need to have a heart attack to fight your speeding ticket or traffic citation. is the best way to fight your Las Vegas speeding ticket online, or any other type of traffic or moving citation. The best part? In the vast majority of time you don’t need to come visit our office and you avoid Clark County traffic court as well. Why spend time visiting a lawyer or standing in that long, unmoving line when you could have a top Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney handle your claim for you cheaply and quickly. the way to go – try us today.

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  1. Patricia Lubera September 4, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Just got a ticket for speeding in a school zone 40mph…wasn’t familiar with the area and didn’t see the signs…have a perfect driving record…I need the best possible service for the his one…what can you do.

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