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Candidate Wants All Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Thrown Out

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Candidate Wants All Las Vegas Traffic Tickets Thrown Out

There is good news for those among us who just can’t seem to stay away from traffic tickets. Whether it’s from speeding or running a red light or a cell phone violation (or more), one candidate for Clark County District Attorney wants to have the DA’s office drop charges in Las Vegas traffic tickets where no property was damaged and no one was hurt. That would be good news for anyone staring down the barrel of a traffic ticket they can’t afford to pay, whether it be the money, the points on their license, or the hit to their insurance premium that comes with a traffic conviction. Before you get your hopes up, though, a dash of cold water: according to political handicappers, this candidate, Jim Duensing, appears to have very little chance of winning the race. A Libertarian, Mr. Duensing is said to have virtually no money, political backing, or hope of prevailing in current the current district attorney, Democrat Steve Wolfson, in heavily Democratic Clark County.

That’s why you need When the candidate who wants to throw out your Clark County traffic ticket has very little chance of becoming district attorney, you need an actual traffic attorney who can fight your ticket for you. But who has time for that? Going down to a lawyer’s office, meeting with them, visiting traffic court at least once or maybe twice – it may be worth it at that point to just pay the ticket, for all the trouble fighting it would be. That’s why is great: it lets you fight a Clark County traffic ticket online. In the vast majority of our traffic ticket cases you don’t need to visit with us in person, you don’t need to go to traffic court, you don’t need to do any of the things that make fighting a ticket so unbelievably frustrating. Just put a few basic details into our online system, and you’re basically done. Our experienced traffic attorneys will review your case, call to let you know we’ve got you covered, then handle it while you go on with your life. We’ll get you a great outcome, and send you the few forms you’ll need to sign, clearly marked, when it’s over. At it’s that simple to fight a Southern Nevada traffic ticket online.

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