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Las Vegas News – license suspended for not paying traffic ticket

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Las Vegas News – license suspended for not paying traffic ticket

Don’t be Dwight Howard. We’re not talking any of the negative things that are sometimes said about his basketball play, particularly his free throws. He’s not a shooter, ok? He’s not the guy that’s a threat anywhere on the floor he gets the ball, he’s not James or Durant or Duncan. He’s still a great player, league leader in rebounds, top stats in other areas. But we digress – our point was not to talk about his basketball game. Where you don’t want to be like him is how you deal with traffic tickets. In Las Vegas news on traffic tickets, here’s Howard, getting his license suspended because he didn’t pay a fine. Dwight Howard, ladies and gentlemen, could have used the service that people use in Las Vegas to handle traffic tickets online easily, quickly, and inexpensively:

With you don’t have to do any of the things that Dwight Howard forgot to do. You just don’t have to deal with it. And you certainly don’t have to deal with what Howard has to deal with now, which certainly includes going to traffic court. With you don’t have to leave your house to deal with your Las Vegas traffic ticket totally online, in the vast majority of our cases. Vist and put a few simple details into our easy to use online system. Our traffic ticket experts look it over, and give you a call to let you know we’ve got you covered. And cover you we do – everything from going to court to get the most favorable outcome possible to sending you the paperwork clearly and conspicuously marked with the few places you’ll need to sign. Visit today to see how easy it is to fight your Nevada traffic ticket totally online.

So what exactly did Howard do? He built up an impressive record. Not on the hardwood, but on the hard shoulder: he was given 10 red light violations in 8 years. He also had another 12 tickets for not paying at the highway tolls, and another for not changing his address on his license. He took care of them all, all but one – an almost $300 fine for a red light violation. That’s the one that did him in, and got his license suspended for not paying it.

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