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Rap Mogul Arrested in Las Vegas on Traffic Warrant

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Rap Mogul Arrested in Las Vegas on Traffic Warrant

Rap moguls have to go to traffic court just like everybody else. Or at least, everyone else, that is, who doesn’t use to avoid Las Vegas traffic court. Marion “Suge” Knight was recently in Las Vegas traffic court for driving on a suspended license. While we don’t know the particulars of Mr. Knight’s situation, we do know that if you use you can avoid Las Vegas traffic court for suspended license citations, speeding tickets, and all kinds of traffic tickets in the vast majority of our cases. You don’t have to visit our law firm, you don’t have to stand in line at traffic court and wait for hours for your number and case to be called. can take care of everything for you. Our easy to use online system just takes a couple of minutes: put in a few basic details and hit “fix my ticket.” Our top Las Vegas traffic attorneys will look over your details and give you a call to let you know we have you covered. We’ll handle any traffic court appearances and you get to fight your Las Vegas traffic ticket online without leaving your home in the vast majority of situations. Because our online system streamlines the process it saves us all time, and that equals money – and we pass that savings along to you.

Now, it’s quite possible that Mr. Knight had to go into traffic court because of other reasons. He’s been arrested in Clark County because of suspicion of involvement with a robbery in California. He also had a Las Vegas traffic warrant out for him on that suspended license. According to this news story he had this Las Vegas traffic warrant reduced all the way down to the equivalent of a parking ticket, and paid a fine of $190 which he had to pay within 90 days. Now, we can’t imagine that a big time rap mogul like Knight would have a hard time paying that in 90 seconds, possibly out of the change that was in the seats of his vehicle. But you really never know.

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