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Turkey Involved in Las Vegas Speeding Ticket Operation

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Turkey Involved in Las Vegas Speeding Ticket Operation

A recent operation by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department netted quite a number of traffic citations. The tickets included Las Vegas speeding tickets, failure to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks, and a number of other citations like seatbelt violations, insurance and license issues, and the like. This is the second annual operation of this kind by the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department, and it is anything but ordinary.

Specifically, and officer crosses the street – in a marked crosswalk and in broad daylight – in a sparkly turkey suit. That’s right: a turkey suit. As a side note, you have to feel a little sorry for the officer who drew the straw to have to take on this duty. Officer Michael Lemley is who had that honor this year. For four hours he walked back and forth across a particularly dangerous crosswalk – a dangerous enough duty in and of itself – dressed in a shiny turkey outfit. He even had a code name of sorts: Butter Ball 1. On his first trip across the street at eight in the morning someone had to brake so hard they smoked their tires as rubber burned during their stop to avoid a truck which was already stopped for the turkey. At least the officer had backup. Some 15 or so motorcycle cops were kept busy all throughout the enforcement operation. An even 100 vehicles got pulled over, and drivers were given a whopping 168 Las Vegas speeding tickets, seatbelt tickets, and you name it – for 100 vehicles to receive more than that number of citations, many drivers had to receive multiple tickets. Four drivers were also let off with warnings. This intersection was chosen because of a number of recent Las Vegas pedestrian deaths in the area.

If you’ve been given a speeding ticket, whether by a motorcycle cop from a turkey based traffic operation or just a plain old traffic stop and you need to fight the Las Vegas speeding ticket online, is the place to go. Our easy to use online legal service lets you fight your ticket without ever having to leave your house in the majority of our cases. Visit today to get started taking care of your Clark County speeding ticket online.

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