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Police Target North Las Vegas for Speeding Tickets in School Zones

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Police Target North Las Vegas for Speeding Tickets in School Zones

North Las Vegas police have been conducting focused enforcements on school zones, focusing on handing out speeding tickets to Nevada drivers who aren’t obeying the lowered speed limits in those school zones. They have also been ticketing people in those areas for crossing outside of a crosswalk, cell phone violations, drivers not yielding the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks, and anything else they see. This jibes with what we’ve been seeing in terms of more people looking to fight their North Las Vegas speeding ticket online in the last few days. This special enforcement focus went over the course of an entire day around school hours, from 6am to 4pm, just a couple of days ago. They focus is to cut down on the number of Las Vegas automobile accidents, especially with school children and pedestrians.

No official numbers were released yet for how many North Las Vegas school zone speeding tickets were handed out over the course of this most recent enforcement focus. According to Aaron Patty, a North Las Vegas Police Officer, a typical one of these will net between 150 and 200 tickets. The way it usually works is with a spotter and chasers. An officer will be standing out at a sidewalk with a radar gun. Usually he or she will be wearing a bright green neon shirt. Any time he or she sees a violation take place another officer is called to make the stop, usually officers in nearby vehicles. Often times they will not stay at the same school for long periods of time, but move around during the course of a day. Unlike DUI checkpoints, the North Las Vegas police would not comment on where these enforcement focuses were taking place or what schools they would be near, even.

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