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Two Las Vegas Residents Accused of DWI Offenses

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Two Las Vegas Residents Accused of DWI Offenses

Two Las Vegas pedestrian accidents occur due to individuals driving while intoxicated.

A pedestrian was killed in an accident when he was hit by a man, under the influence of alcohol, driving a pickup near Alto Ave on Lamb Blvd. The man, 38-year old Nicholas Brooks, was booked by Las Vegas Metro Police for DUI in Las Vegas. Mr. Brooks, who is from Las Vegas, did not flee from the scene of the accident and instead was booked by police immediately. The gentleman killed in the accident, a Las Vegas resident who was 30 years old, was determined dead at the accident scene.

In another Las Vegas DUI accident, a Nevada judge increased the bail for a 29-year old woman accused of killing a man and fleeing the scene of the accident. The woman, Galina Kilova, who is an illegal immigrant to the United States, has been incarcerated with a bail for $100,000. She was originally released on a bail of $20,000 – but was subsequently arrested by US Homeland Security since she has been in the United States illegally since 2006. The DUI accident happened when Ms. Kilova hit and struck Michael Grubbs while he was pushing his granddaughter, less than two years old, in a stroller. Before Ms. Kilova’s bail was increased, and she was arrested by Homeland security, she was jailed for only 12 hours.

The accident wasn’t the first time the Las Vegas police department have been in contact with Ms. Kilova. Ms. Kilova in 2007 received a citation for Southern Nevada driving while intoxicated. In 2014, Ms. Kilova was arrested by Metro police for having an open container in public. If you or a relative has been arrested for DWI or reckless driving in Clark County, can represent your case.

Mr. Grubs, 63, was walking with his granddaughter along Rainbow Blvd and Warm Springs Rd. Ms. Kilova was driving a Honda Civic and did not stop after striking Mr. Grubs. It is alleged Ms. Kilova eventually turned herself in to police for the accident. is a Las Vegas ticket processing website where people can fight or fix their Las Vegas speeding ticket, Southern Nevada driving through a red light or other traffic infraction. We can also help you if you have been accused or arrested for a DUI in Las Vegas, however, for many cases, especially those that end in injury, property damage or death, you and our attorneys will have to meet in person. The meeting will enable us to determine how we can best defend you in your case.

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