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Las Vegas Careless Driving Tickets for Failing to Stop for Pedestrians

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Las Vegas Careless Driving Tickets for Failing to Stop for Pedestrians

Police are once again out in force handing out careless driving tickets in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas to people who fail to stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks. This is not an uncommon thing for police in the Las Vegas area to focus on, as pedestrian deaths have often been a major problem in the area. Certainly it is not all the fault of drivers, and police are aware of this. They also target pedestrians during these enforcement crackdowns, issuing citations for jay walking and the like. The way these traffic enforcement often work is through the use of a decoy. Whichever department or departments are involved in the program will use someone, usually a police officer, to try to catch people in the act of not stopping for a pedestrian crossing the road. The decoy usually wears something bright and highly visible, sometimes wearing something quite outlandish like a Halloween-type costume. They then begin to cross the road. Anyone who doesn’t stop is given a careless driving citation in Southern Nevada. Police will also just camp out at dangerous intersections and wait and watch, seeing which drivers fail to stop for normal pedestrians. They usually pick these intersections based on where the most recent spate of Clark County pedestrian accidents have taken place.

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