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New Legal Theories For Prevention of Las Vegas DUI

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New Legal Theories For Prevention of Las Vegas DUI

Las Vegas Police have used DUI checkpoints at particularly dangerous intersections and stretches of highway to reduce the number of fatal and injury collisions with both pedestrians and automobiles. While many have been nabbed by police for Las Vegas DUI at these types of checkpoints, a new legal theory is being purported by some to reduce the ability of police to search your automobile at a roadblock. The theory goes that if you quote the specific Nevada legal statute regarding your and the police’s rights pertaining to a DUI checkpoint stop, you can refrain from opening your window, consenting to a search, invoke your 5th amendment rights and more. In addition to including the placard, an individual should hold their driver’s license on the window.

Should you be showing visible signs of intoxication – inability to keep to the right, swerving, speeding or driving excessively under the speed limit – the newly developed legal theory will not dissuade police from searching you. In this type of a situation, the police have probable cause for a search and will likely check you and your vehicle for signs of drinking. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Clark County, can help you in your case. has significant advice for people who are having a few drinks with friends at a party or at dinner. If you have been drinking, and do not wish to risk a Southern Nevada DUI charge, do not drive. There are many alternatives to driving after you have been drinking in Las Vegas. You can take a taxi cab. You can take public transportation. While Uber hasn’t arrived permanently in Southern Nevada, you can designate someone to not drink in your party to drive everyone home or even call a friend or relative to come pick you up. While some may balk at the cost of these alternatives – whether financially or emotionally – they all cost significantly less than an arrest for drinking and driving in Southern Nevada.

If you do get a DUI in Las Vegas, log onto to book an appointment today to begin discussions about your case. While many DUI arrests will require an in person meeting with one of’s licensed Nevada attorneys, also enables users to fight or fix traffic tickets online directly from the website. For moving violations like speeding in Las Vegas, running a red light or an illegal right turn on red, you can dispose of your ticket online, from home or work, without costly and time consuming trips to a Clark County traffic Court.

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