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Nevada Senate Hears Nevada Pedestrian Safety Bill

Nevada Senate Hears Nevada Pedestrian Safety Bill

The State of Nevada Senate Transportation Committee today heard a bill (SB144) that would increase penalties for those who drive through crosswalks when pedestrians are present. The bill, sponsored by Senators Parks, Manendo, Woodhouse and Spearman, was not voted on but did take the first steps in becoming a law. Before the bill becomes a law, which would increase Nevada reckless driving penalties when drivers go through a cross walk when a pedestrian is present, the bill must receive another hearing and vote in the Senate transportation committee, be voted on and pass the state Senate, be heard by the Assembly Transportation committee, pass the vote of the Assembly Transportation committee and then pass a vote of the entire Assembly. After the bill has passed all of those votes, if there are differences between the Senate and Assembly versions of the bill, it will need to go to conference committee and then approved a second time by both the Senate and the Assembly. After that, the SB144 will need to be signed by Governor Sandoval.

In addition to increasing fines for violating some crosswalks, the bill also doubles fines for exceeding the speed limit in a zone designated to have high pedestrian traffic. The bill also clarifies rules for both pedestrians and motorists at flashing yellow lights. Finally SB144 increases penalties for illegal U-turns in school zones. Those violating the law in designated safety zones are subject to fines up to $1000, 6 months in jail and even over 100 hours of service to the community. Pedestrian safety zones are designated by signs. Pedestrian safety zones can be assigned by local governments in the same way construction zones are created. If you have been ticketed for Las Vegas reckless driving, log onto today to fight or fix your ticket. enables those getting tickets in Southern Nevada to fight or fix their ticket online, from the privacy of their home or office without the hassle of waiting in the long lines of Clark County traffic court. From our website, you can dispose of your ticket for reckless driving in Clark County, speeding in Las Vegas or running a red light in Southern Nevada.’s Nevada licensed traffic attorneys do not focus just on moving violations like Southern Nevada speeding. We can also assist you if you have been arrested for a Las Vegas DUI. Our staff has significant experience with Southern Nevada DUI where there is property damage, someone is hurt or even when no injuries or damage has occurred.

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