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Judge Inspires Woman To Fix Her Las Vegas DUI

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Judge Inspires Woman To Fix Her Las Vegas DUI

While many find working through Clark County traffic court frustrating, judges, court reporters, stenographers, bailiffs and others in the court system are generally hoping for everyone to succeed. While the good intentions of court employees should not dissuade you from hiring an attorney for a Las Vegas DUI, however, it is always important to remember that district attorneys, judges, bailiffs, court reporters and more are people too. Recently, a Las Vegas judge went above and beyond, attempting to inspire a repeat offender to his court to clean up her ways. Not everyone is as lucky as 25-year old Ashley M. Agerbeek, however, so, if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Clark County, please log onto today. Our Nevada licensed traffic attorneys have the experience and connections to help you in your case.

DUI checkpointThe story behind Ms. Agerbeek’s redemption in Clark County traffic court is a testament to both her strength as an individual but also of the judge that was determined to inspire her to improve her life. Las Vegas Judge Joe Sciscento saw Ms. Agerbeek for the first time in his court room for drug and alcohol offenders approximately a year ago. At the time, Ms. Agerbeek was before the judge for violating drug and alcohol restrictions via tests for a second time. At first blush, Judge Sciscento was going to terminate Ms. Agerbeek from his program but a stern talking to from the judge and a threat to jail Ms. Agerbeek for 6 months started the young Las Vegas woman down her path to redemption. The Las Vegas judge had an additional carrot he wanted to use to influence Ms. Agerbeek’s behavior and when the young woman had completed the program while becoming a leader for her peers, Judge Sciscento at Ms. Agerbeek’s ceremony produced a cake – a cake for her to smash in his face in celebration of her achievement.

Not all Southern Nevada intoxicated driving cases end so happily, however. It is of utmost importance that if you have been arrested for a DUI in Nevada, you should absolutely contact to represent you in your case. Through our website, you can contact us to start the process of us taking on your case. For most DUI cases, arrested individuals will often need to meet with one of our attorneys at our offices. For other Las Vegas traffic misdemeanors like speeding or running through a stop sign, you can fight and fix your ticket online without a trip to Clark County traffic court.

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