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Las Vegas Area Police Department Accused of Fixing Tickets for Family and Friends

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Las Vegas Area Police Department Accused of Fixing Tickets for Family and Friends

An audit of police ticket revenue by a local Las Vegas area municipality shows that officers for the city, Henderson, repeatedly fixed Southern Nevada speeding tickets for friends and family. When they fixed the tickets, the police officers wrote simply “In the case of justice” on the tickets so they were allowed to be unpaid. The Henderson speeding ticket fixing scheme lasted until the end of September last year and started in October 2012. A total of 171 tickets for exceeding the speed limit in Clark County and other offenses were fixed by Henderson police officers during the two years. Of the 171 tickets,nearly 100 had been previously submitted to Clark County traffic court before they were fixed by Henderson police.

Unfortunately, most people in Southern Nevada do not have a relative or friend that is a member of a local police department to fix a ticket for them. If you want to fight or fix your ticket, however, log onto to fight or fix your ticket online, without any long time consuming trips to Clark County traffic court. From our online ticket fixing website, you can easily dispose of your ticket from the comfort of home or your desk at work. From nearly any type of Clark County traffic infraction can be fixed online easily and quickly, including speeding, running red lights and even tickets for using a cell phone while driving in Las Vegas.

24htp is one of Las Vegas’ premiere online ticket fixing service. We also have significant experience with Las Vegas DUIs. We have the contacts with local police departments and within the Clark County traffic court to represent you in your DUI case. While no law firm can promise a positive outcome of your case, we are often able to negotiate lower fines, shorter license suspensions, fewer public service hours and more.

DUI infractions are some of the easiest tickets to avoid. There are practically no reasons to drive while intoxicated. In Las Vegas, you can easily call a taxicab that will take you to almost any place you would like to go. Walking is also a great alternative to driving after you have been drinking, and walking is also a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise. Public transportation will help you to get almost anywhere in Las Vegas. Another way to prevent yourself from driving while intoxicated is to assign one of the people in your party to not drink while you are out with friends and instead designate that person as a driver. Often, bars, clubs and casinos will give designated drivers free non-alcoholic drinks.

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