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Even Relatives Of The Powerful and Famous Can Be Charged With Las Vegas DUI

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Even Relatives Of The Powerful and Famous Can Be Charged With Las Vegas DUI

Anyone can get a DUI in Southern Nevada – all you need to do is have a couple drinks and get behind the wheel. Often, when a DUI occurs in Las Vegas, there are injuries that are readily apparent, whether it is an automobile accident, damaged property or even the death of someone driving another vehicle, a pedestrian or even a passenger in the intoxicated driver’s car. In rare cases, however, it can take months for the injuries that can be attributed to drunk driving in Clark County to come to light. One arrest for driving while intoxicated from early February is now being linked to an injury of Nevada’s senior Senator, Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid. In February, Senator Reid’s brother, Larry Reid, was arrested in connection with a DUI arrest in Boulder City, approximately 25 miles to the east of Las Vegas. In the arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol in Las Vegas, Mr. Larry Reid was cited for a number of additional violations of the law. Those violations include assault of an officer, possession of a weapon while under the influence of alcohol, not wearing a seatbelt and failure to keep to the right.

Many media pundits are trying to equate the DUI arrest of Larry Reid with Senator Harry Reid’s alleged exercise accident in early January. As he was exercising, a heavy duty rubber band the Senate Minority Leader was using to exercise snapped, The breaking of the exercise band sent the Nevada Senator reeling backwards, crashing him into furniture along the back wall of his home exercise gym. The injuries suffered by Senator Reid were extensive including broken facial bones and ribs. The facial injuries may contribute to Nevada’s senior Senator losing the use of his right eye. After the accident, Senator Reid was confined to home rest by his doctors, and eventually returned t work on the United States Senate floor in mid January. is Southern Nevada’s premiere online resource for fighting and fixing Las Vegas speeding tickets, citations in Southern Nevada for running a stop sign and even a ticket for cell phone driving use while in Clark County. can also help you with DUI citations in Southern Nevada. DUI tickets often cannot be handled online, however, due to the complexity of the cases. For DUI cases and other more complicated traffic citations, our clients will often have to meet in person with one of our Nevada licensed traffic attorneys.

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