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Almost 300 Southern Nevada Traffic Infractions for 2015 Laughlin River Run

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Almost 300 Southern Nevada Traffic Infractions for 2015 Laughlin River Run

The Laughlin River Race is a motorcycle rally that heads from Las Vegas to Laughlin, NV in the late days of April – 4/22 t0 4/26. The 4-day motorcycle rally travels on route 66, a historic highway that travels through the southern portions of the Silver State. The event is also marked in Laughlin with a number of events and concerts, with heavy metal and classic rock groups like ZZ Top, Slaughter, Foghat and former members of The Guess Who. There are also many motorcycles on display for folks to tour through. The event receives sponsorship by the Silver State’s tourism board, the city of Laughlin, the American motorcycle association and more. From their website, you can also book hotel rooms and even register for a number of festival’s featured events. The event, which includes a 90-mile motorcycle rally ride from Las Vegas to Laughlin, is in the 33rd year.

During the event, almost 300 tickets were written. These were for numerous types of traffic violations including speeding in Las Vegas, driving while intoxicated in Southern Nevada and even a few citations were written for use of a cell phone while driving. Even a motorcycle was stolen during the event. Of the nearly 300 tickets, 96 were written in the Las Vegas area nd 189 were written in the vicinity of Laughlin. If you have been cited for a Clark County speeding ticket or other driving citation, including a Las Vegas DUI.

traffic stopIn 2002 there was a riot and shooting at the Laughlin River Run event. The riot, which when a fight broke out between two river motorcycle games, the Hells Angels and the Mongols. This fight happened on April 27, 2002. The fight started when the in response to the Mongols harassing vendors selling Hells Angels merchandise, the Hells Angels stormed the Laughlin Harrah’s. On man, a Mongol, 43-year old Anthony Barrera, died from a fatal stabbing. Two Hells Angels were shot and killed, 27-year old Jeramie Bell and 50-year old Robert Tumelty. 12 members of the two rival motorcycle games were arrested and jailed – six Hells Angels and Six Mongols. One of the Hells Angels wanted in the riot, Frederick Donahue, fled from police and wasn’t captured for six years.

If you have been cited for speeding in Southern Nevada, DUI in Clark County or even using a cell phone while driving in Las Vegas, log onto to fight or fix your ticket online easily and quickly. You won’t have to waste a day with a long, expensive trip to Clark County traffic court!

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