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Big Saturday Fight Night Will Bring Expanded Las Vegas DUI Patrols

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Big Saturday Fight Night Will Bring Expanded Las Vegas DUI Patrols

With thousands of people descending on Las Vegas for this weekends long awaited boxing match, Las Vegas area police agencies are preparing not only for a large crush of people along the Strip but also heavy traffic on Nevada streets and highways after the fight. While no DUI checkpoints have been announced for Saturday evening additional police patrols will be out assisting motorists in trouble and pulling over those suspected of driving while intoxicated in Las Vegas. Funding for additional police patrols and consumables used during the additional police patrols are likely coming from a Silver State Joining Forces grant. The Joining Forces program helps to fund additional police presence to make the streets of Nevada safer. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Clark County, log onto today.

24htp ninjaTo avoid an intoxicated driving citation in Southern Nevada, there are a number of alternatives to drunk driving. BeMyDD is a service that not only provides those who have been drinking with a way home, BeMyDD also takes your car back to where you are staying. There are three ways they provide the service. One way is that you hire them to drive you around for up to $19.50 an hour. Another way is to have them pick you up and drive your car. The company charges $25 plus mileage for that service. Finally, if you are having an event you can hire a team of drivers for somewhere between $45 and $53. Other ways to avoid a citation for drunk driving in Southern Nevada is to take a taxi home and the next day have a friend or take another taxi to pick up your car. Las Vegas also has a significant bus system, where you can take public transportation where you can take a bus home or close to home. Some even choose to walk to where they are staying after drinking, but for some, walking as a pedestrian along Las Vegas roads can be very dangerous. is one of Las Vegas’ leading ticket processing websites. From our site, you can fight or fix your ticket easily and quickly while avoiding the long lines and parking associated with Clark County traffic court. If you have a ticket for Las Vegas speeding, running a red light in Clark County, or using a cell phone while driving in Southern Nevada, logging onto from your office or home PC is simple and convinient. We can even represent you if you have gotten a DUI, however, these infractions often require a face-to-face meeting with one of our Nevada licensed traffic attorneys.

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