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174 Get Speeding Tickets In Henderson Speeding Enforcement Program

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174 Get Speeding Tickets In Henderson Speeding Enforcement Program

Local police departments have been increasing citations for speeding in Southern Nevada. For example, almost 275 drivers in Henderson were stopped by Henderson police in an increased enforcement effort beginning April 30th and ending May 10th. The increased traffic enforcement was funded by a Joining Forces grant and was the ninth on in Southern Nevada in 2015. Of those approximately 275 people stopped, 174 were ticketed for exceeding the speed limit in Clark County. Five more tickets were written for not wearing a seatbelt while driving. Another five people received citations for running through a red light. 14 Nevadans were ticketed for using a cell phone while driving, although the breakdown of whether these were first, second or third offenses was not provided. 8 people had license plates that had expired and were ticketed for driving with out of date registrations. Finally, 33 got tickets for not having car insurance to indemnify them financially against a Las Vegas automobile accident.

The State of Nevada’s Joining Forces grant funded the Henderson speeding ticket effort. The increased enforcement cost nearly $110,000. The grant money paid for additional officer overtime and consumables used in the traffic enforcement effort. The joining forces grant was created to fund police enforcement and driver education in the interest of reducing deaths coming from automobile accidents and pedestrian accidents. The grant has funded increased awareness programs focusing on seatbelt use, pedestrian safety, distracted driving, Las Vegas area DUIs and even reducing speeding.

speeding-ticketJoining Forces grants involve multiple police jurisdictions to promote road safety and target distracted driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, speeding, cell phone use while driving and other behaviors that are dangerous when behind the wheel. The eventual goal is to reduce accidents and save lives. There are a number of Joining Forces events scheduled including one focusing on seat belt use from May 11th to May 28th. Speeding will again be focused on from June 1st to June 21st. DUIs will be the focus from July 2nd to July 13th. The safety of people walking the streets will be the focus from August 17th to August 28th. DUIs and impaired drivers will be again the focus from August 29th to September 7th. is a Las Vegas based ticket processing website that enables our users to fight or fix their Clark County traffic ticket, online, without a time consuming and potentially costly trip to the traffic court of Clark County.

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