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Las Vegas DUI Accident Injures 6

Las Vegas DUI Accident Injures 6

Five passengers in a Las Vegas taxicab were hurt last Wednesday, May 27th, in a head-on collision with a commercial truck. The driver of the tractor-trailer, a Las Vegas resident, 44-year old Bernard Tropp, was then arrested for driving while intoxicated in Las Vegas. The accident happened on Dean Martin Drive at Hotel Rio Dr. at 9:05 p.m. The taxicab driver, working for Las Vegas cab company, Union Cab, saw Mr. Topp’s truck swerve into the left lane. The driver of the cab tried to avoid the truck by swerving into his left lane, but was not able to avoid the crash and smashed into the truck head on. After the accident, Mr. Tropp attempted to flee the scene on foot but someone who had seen the accident followed Mr. Tropp and informed police where he was. Mr. Tropp sustained minor injuries in the crash and was charged with a hit and run as well as Clark County DUI. The driver of the cab was injured but not significantly, however, four of his passengers, all Canadian, were injured moderately to critically. The four Canadians were taken to University Medical center for their injuries. traffic stop

Earlier this month, the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, signed Senate Bill 245, which increases the penalties for when those who commit injury DUI accidents. The previous law, had a penalty of 15 years for a conviction of fleeing the scene of an accident, however, the penalty for a Southern Nevada operating a vehicle while intoxicated and harming someone is 20 years. Since it was possible for someone to potentially evade police until they sobered up, the was an incentive for someone to flee the scene of a DUI accident. Now the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident is set at 20 years, so the incentive is gone. The new law goes into effect in October 2015. While the bill received nearly unanimous support, the public defender’s office in Las Vegas testified against the bill, warning that SB245 and other bills in the Nevada legislature did not account financially for the increases costs of their bills due to longer prison sentences.

If you have been arrested for a DWI in Southern Nevada,’s licensed Nevada traffic attorneys can help you fight the charge. While many DUI cases require in-person meetings with our staff, many Las Vegas driving infractions can be fought or fixed directly from your home or office pc without long trips to the Clark County traffic court.

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