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Four Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident With Taxi and Airport Shuttle Bus

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Four Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident With Taxi and Airport Shuttle Bus

On Thursday last week, a driver under the influence of alcohol in Las Vegas crashed the car he was driving into a taxicab and then into a shuttle bus ferrying passengers to and from McCarran airport in Las Vegas. Both the taxi driver and two people in the shuttle were hurt in the crash. The driver of the taxi is currently listed as seriously injured. The two people injured who were riding in the bus had injuries that were not considered deadly. The driver who caused the accident also had minor injuries from the accident. All four people hurt in the crash were taken to University Hospital. Police are waiting for the DUI driver to heal before releasing his name to the press.

The accident, which happened just before 2 a.m. Thursday morning, occurred at t:as Vegas Blvd and Charleston Blvd. The intoxicated driver first hit the taxicab, which then slammed into a telephone pole. The DUI driven vehicle, spinning, then hit the airport shuttle.

Just last month, another Southern Nevada DUI accident, happened when a truck hit a taxicab near the Las Vegas strip. The accident, which occurred when Bernard Tropp, 44, of Las Vegas, happened as Mr. Tropp was travelling on Dean Martin Dr. Mr. Tropp was driving a Peterbilt semi from 2008, with a flatbed attached, and then entered into the suicide lane and then veered into oncoming traffic. He then hit a taxi operated by Union Cab, driving by 45-year old Hailemariam Wolde. Mr. Wolde attempted to avoid the tractor trailer, but was hit by the car and a head on collision happened. Passengers in the taxi were injured, they were tourists from Calgary, Canada. One of the passengers was injured critically, 22 year old Sammy Elrafih. 21-year old Anisha Sharma and 24-year old Sarah Nhung were seriously injured. A fourth passenger, 23-year old Steven Kwan, was lucky to only have minor injuries from the crash.

Mr. Tropp was cited for Clark County drunk driving and also from fleeing the scene from an injury accident. Mr. Tropp had tried to evade authorities by taking off on foot.

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