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Trial Postponed For DUI Of Las Vegas Assemblyman

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Trial Postponed For DUI Of Las Vegas Assemblyman

A judge in Carson City postponed the trial by jury for a Democratic Assemblyman from Las Vegas, Richard Carrillo, who during the last legislative session, was arrested for driving under the influence and having a handgun on his person. Assemblyman Carrillo was sleeping in a parked car near the legislative building in the Silver State’s capital city. The trial was set for the 27th of July after the judge did not allow a motion by Assemblyman Richard Carrillo’s attorneys to dismiss the case for driving while intoxicated. Had Assemblyman Carrillo had his DUI arrest in Clark County, he could have hired the Nevada licensed traffic attorneys at

Assemblyman Carrillo, from Southern Nevada’s Assembly District 18, was found by Carson City sheriff deputies asleep in the front seat of his car with the keys in the ignition and the car running. When found by deputies, the Las Vegas Assemblyman had his foot on the gas pedal and his hand on his car’s shift. The deputies then found a .22 pistol in the lawmaker’s pockets – and the pistol was loaded when it was discovered. Assemblyman Carrillo was given a sobriety tests, which registered at a 0.10% blood alcohol level – over the state of Nevada’s level for driving while intoxicated 0.08%.

Assemblyman Carrillo’s lawyers asked for an extension of the trial date because a security camera video from a local retail establishment had recorded the incident and the lawmakers legal team wanted time to investigate it thoroughly. The District Attorney for Carson City, Amy Steelman, maintained at the hearing that her department was acting in good faith and did not hide the video from the defense team.

The Nevada DMV reinstated Assemblyman Carrillo’s previously suspended driver’s license when they determined that the Carson City deputies did not have a probably cause to search the vehicle or Carrillo since at the time of the arrest the lawmaker was not in control of his automobile. 24htp ninja

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