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Teen Arrested For North Las Vegas DUI Injury Accident

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Teen Arrested For North Las Vegas DUI Injury Accident

On Saturday morning, June 20th, a 17-year old DUI driver in Las Vegas was ticketed for a three car accident that hurt three people. The minor, who was not named by police was behind the wheel of a Honda Accord from 1993 as he headed along Pecos Blvd. to Stewart Ave. in Las Vegas. The accident happened around 8:30 in the morning when the driver lost control of the car and started travelling on Pecos Boulevard’s southbound lanes. The car, still out of control, started spinning and then hit a Mazda CRX-& from 2007. 68-year old Shane Edmondson from North Las Vegas was driving the Mazda. After the Mazda and Accord collided both cars then smashed into a Ford Taurus. 51-year old Doel Rojas, also from North Las Vegas, was driving the 2008 Ford. After the vehicles stopped moving, the driver of the Honda Accord ran from the scene. He was quickly apprehended by Las Vegas Police and placed under arrest. Mr. Edmondson was rushed to University Medical Center with injuries that were considered substantial. Mr. Rojas, was also taken to University Medical Center, but his injures were deemed more moderate than Mr. Edmondson’s.
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According to the Nevada Transportation Department and the Las Vegas police, 2014 saw a drop in deaths from Clark County Intoxicated drivers. In 2014, 170 people died from DUI related accidents. In 2013, there were 190 deaths in Clark County due to drunk driving in Southern Nevada. Police suspect that the decline in DUI deaths was due to increased law enforcement attention to stopping those who were driving while intoxicated. The awareness campaign also alerted Las Vegas drivers to the dangers of illegal lane changes, pedestrian awareness and how right-of-ways in intersections were not the only thing to be aware of when travelling. During that time, more crosswalks were installed in downtown Las Vegas and stop signs that had aged and had low visibility were either moved or replaced.

If you have gotten a ticket for running a red light in Las Vegas, using your cell phone while driving in Clark County or even speeding in Southern Nevada, can help you to fight or fix your ticket easily and quickly online. Through our ticket processing website you can avoid the long lines and missed work associated with taking care of a ticket at Clark County traffic court. We can even represent you in your DUI case, although for many DUI cases, we first must meet with our clients in person at our offices.

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