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Charges For Possible DUI In Las Vegas Hinder Flava Flav’s NY Legal Troubles

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Charges For Possible DUI In Las Vegas Hinder Flava Flav’s NY Legal Troubles

When Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Flava Flav, was arrested last month on suspicions of speeding and DUI in Las Vegas, the member of the pioneering hip-hop group, Public Enemy, did not know that the arrest would have implications on his pending legal troubles in the State of New York. The 56 year old, whose actual name is William Drayton, was entering a plea of not guilty of charges of driving with a suspended license, which carries a felony, speeding and two additional misdemeanors. The arrest happened when Mr. Drayton was rushing to the funeral of his mother, in January 2014. While a plea agreement was being negotiated with prosecutors in the case, the prosecutors declined once they considered the new pending charges in Southern Nevada driving while intoxicated.

In May, Flava Flav was stopped near McCarran Airport when police clocked the rapper travelling at 73 miles per hour. The posted speed limit on the onramp to the highway was 45 miles per hour. Las Vegas police then searched the car and found marijuana. Prosecuting attorneys will finalize charges against the rapper once the results of a blood test taken of the hip-hop rapper and reality television star. The charges could include DWI in Clark County.

The May arrest was not the first time William Drayton has tangled with the Las Vegas legal system. In August 2014, Flava Flav had domestic violence, battery, attempted battery and additional charges pending against him stemming from an argument with the son, 17, of his girlfriend of many years, Elizabeth Trujillo. The charges were dropped when the rapper finished courses on domestic violence.

speeding-ticketA reality TV star and rapper, Flava Flav came to prominence in the 1980s when he acted as the hype man of the groundbreaking New York rap group, Public Enemy. Later in the 2000s, William Drayton, was back on American televisions with a reality TV series called Flava of Love. The series aired on VH1. Flava of Love aired three seasons, beginning in January 2006 and ending in May 2008. is a Las Vegas based ticket fixing website, where you can fight or fix your ticket for running a red light in Las Vegas, rolling through a stop sign in Southern Nevada or speeding in Clark County. From the comfort of your home or from your office, you can dispose of your ticket quickly and easily without wasting time in the Clark County traffic court. Some DUI citations do require in person meetings with one of our licensed Las Vegas traffic attorneys.

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