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Tips To Help Avoid Las Vegas DUI For Party Hosts and Guests

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Tips To Help Avoid Las Vegas DUI For Party Hosts and Guests

As June ends and Summer 2015 heads into high gear, more and more people are having parties and backyard barbecues. When is it safe to let guests who have had a few cocktails leave the party, when they are not intoxicated and won’t be in danger of causing an accident or getting a DUI in Las Vegas? If you’re hosting the event, how can you be sure you aren’t setting up your guests to fail? Heat and other factors can seriously increase impairment and when alcohol and Vegas’ summer heat take hold, driving while intoxicated tickets in Clark County can happen.

How can you protect yourself from getting cited for Southern Nevada DWI? Before leaving home, charge your phone all the way and program it with the number of taxi companies. Then if you’ve had too much to drink, you can easily contact someone who can help you get home. Soon, when Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing companies come to Nevada, you can equip your phone with their associated applications, then just contact them and request one of their drivers to get you home. If you know you will be drinking, when you arrive at your destination, park your car where it will be safe overnight and not subject to parking tickets the next morning to remove the temptation to get behind the wheel. In addition, Las Vegas has many services where someone will come and pick up your car and drive you home. Be sure to have these numbers in your phone as well.

Turkey cookedIf you are the host of a party, what can you do? You can always ask your guests to designate one of their party as the driver for the evening and have that person abstain from alcoholic beverages. When the DD parks, give them prominent parking so that there is extra cache from them abstaining from alcohol. While preparing for your party buy extra food, beer, ice, wine and other things you may need. A DUI can easily happen if you or one of your friends is running out to get more ice. Another way to keep an eye on alcohol consumption by your friends that you invited over is to hire a professional to bar-tend. Then he or she will be more alert to someone who has been over served and your guests aren’t serving themselves large cocktails. Another great way is to have lots of great food for your friends, family and other guests to munch on during the event. Then their stomachs will fill up with food!

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