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Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint Set For Tuesday July 14th

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Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint Set For Tuesday July 14th

Las Vegas drivers beware – Las Vegas police have scheduled a DUI checkpoint in Las Vegas for Tuesday night. Police have not released the intersection where the Clark County drunk driving stop will be happening but they have stated that it will occur on Tuesday, July 14. Metro police have provided hints to the intersection where the DUI checkpoint will be placed – the intersection has seen 139 citizen reports of drunk driving and there have been 14 crashes in this area. In addition, one person died in the area in a crash involving an impaired driver in Southern Nevada. Police will not be only looking for individuals behind the wheel who are driving while intoxicated with alcohol, no, in fact, police will be searching for drivers under the influence of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and more. The DUI traffic stop will be held from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., Tuesday night to early Wednesday morning.

DUI checkpointThe funding for both overtime hours and consumables for the drunk driving mitigation stop is coming from the Joining Forces Grant Program. The State of Nevada grant program provides funding to Nevada cities and counties to increase the safety of the roads of Nevada. Joining Forces grants are used for increased police enforcement of traffic infractions that have been negatively influencing traffic fatalities and injuries across the Silver State. Some of these targeted infractions include speeding, drunk and drugged driving, cell phone use while driving and other dangerous activities behind the wheel that lead to automobile accidents that cause injuries and fatalities including pedestrian accidents and deaths and other automobile fatalities. The Joining Forces grant also provides funding for advertising to increase awareness of safe driving behaviors, pedestrian awareness and even advertising to pedestrians to influence them to be more aware while walking.

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