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In Response To Drastic Rise In Traffic Deaths, Police Set Up Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint

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In Response To Drastic Rise In Traffic Deaths, Police Set Up Las Vegas DUI Checkpoint

As traffic deaths in Las Vegas continue to rise in 2015, Las Vegas police are hitting the streets in an effort to slow and even stop the totals climb. Last night, Tuesday, July 14th, Las Vegas police set up a DUI roadblock at the intersection of Windmill Ln and Las Vegas Blvd. The intersection for the Las Vegas DUI checkpoint was chosen due to the increased amount of automobile accidents in the area. Las Vegas Valley has seen 100 people die in Southern Nevada traffic fatalities so far in 2015. Last year 77 people died in automobile accidents in Las Vegas. Of those 100 people killed, 12 of those deaths were due to driving while intoxicated in Clark County.

In response to the climbing tragic body count, the Silver State’s Traffic Safety Commission met earlier in the day Tuesday. NHP Officer Loy Hixson was at the meeting and talked about a 5-car crash that was essentially caused by drunk driving. The accident happened Sunday night, July 12th, on Lamb Blvd. A man has been charged in the accident, 26-year old Arian Galindo. Mr. Galindo was arrested for DUI resulting in death (two counts), ignoring traffic safety devices and not wearing a seat belt while driving. Witness reports say that Mr. Galindo was speeding on Lamb Blvd when he ignored two traffic lights that were red.

One of the people killed in the accident was John Rodda, 52. The second person killed in the drunk driving accident in Southern Nevada was Las Vegas resident Sharrod Hightower, 34. Two other people hurt in the crash, a mother, 22 and her child, 5, are receiving care at University Hospital. Mr. Galindo has been listed as critical and is still hospitalized.

DUI checkpointTraffic deaths in Southern Nevada have also led to increased fatalities of those driving bicycles. In 2014, no one was killed while riding a bicycle in a Las Vegas automobile accident. So far in 2015, 7 people have already been killed. Each of the seven people killed was not wearing a bike helmet at the time of their tragic accidental deaths. The early months of 2015 and the later months of 2014 were totaling 10 pedestrian deaths each month. As summer has continued and increased enforcement and awareness campaigns have aired, that number has dropped.

Police have yet to release arrest totals for last night’s DUI checkpoint. The checkpoint was active from 7 p.m. Tuesday night and continued to the wee hours of Wednesday morning, 3 a.m.

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