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Two Killed, Three Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident

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Two Killed, Three Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident

Two have died and and three more were hurt in a Las Vegas DUI accident last Sunday, July 12th. A North Las Vegas resident, 26, ran through a traffic signal that turned red. The driver has been identified as Adrian Galindo. Witness reports given to police showed that those who saw the accident believed Mr. Galindo’s truck was travelling nearly 100 miles per hour. Mr. Galindo was driving a Toyota pickup truck from originally sold in 2007. After speeding through the stoplight, Mr. Galindo’s Toyota first hit a Honda pickup truck and then hit a Ford Fusion. The Fusion then slammed into a Chevy Tahoe. The Fusion also rammed into the Honda truck. Finally, another truck, a Ford Expedition, was peppered by flying debris from the accident.

speeding-ticketAfter the accident, Mr. Galindo was listed as critical from the driving while intoxicated in Clark County crash. Two residents of North Las Vegas were tragically killed in the Southern Nevada DWI collision, 54-year old Elmer Hightower and 52-year old John Rodda. Mr. Rodda was pronounced dead at the accident scene as was Mr. Hightower. Injured in the accident was a woman who is 22 year old and her daughter, 5. As of last Monday, the mother and daughter were allowed to leave the hospital. There was also a woman driving the Ford Expedition and she was also injured in the accident. Her injuries were not deemed serious and she just received treatment at the scene of the crash.

Technophiles are looking to a Google project that is currently in Alpha to stem the carnage associated with drunk driving. Google has been testing a self-driving car for years, with their entire fleet driving having driven over 2,000,000 miles since the start of testing. Currently the self driving cars are on roads for 10,000 hours every week. This data is then collated and analysed by the engineers at Google. One of the major trends found by Google with the testing is that all of the accidents the cars have been in have not happened because of faults in the software piloting the automobiles. Instead in each of the 14 accidents, the human driver of the car that hit the self driving car has been deemed at fault. The self driving cars could significantly increase safety on roads around the world, reducing or severely limiting accidents due to driving while intoxicated, running red lights and by not paying attention, looking at cell phones behind the wheel, for example.

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