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Brother Of Nevada Senator Pleads No Contest To Southern Nevada DUI

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Brother Of Nevada Senator Pleads No Contest To Southern Nevada DUI

The brother of the senior center from the Silver State has plead no contest in a DUI case. The arrest for DUI and resisting arrest happened last February. 73-year old Larry Reid did not show up in the Boulder City court and his attorney submitted the plea. Nearly $1200 worth of fines were paid and proof was submitted that Mr. Reid had passed a court ordered drunk driving mitigation class and a victim impact class. There were additional charges for Mr. Reid from the incident that were dismissed including striking a police officer, having a concealed weapon and not complying with an officer’s direction. Mr. Reid’s arrest happened around noon on February 2nd when a NHP trooper approached Senator Harry Reid’s brother sitting in his SUV on Highway 95. For a Southern Nevada drunk driving offense, contact to start defending your case.

traffic stopMr. Reid tried to flee the scene of the accident and the trooper held onto the car door as the SUV sped away. The Senator’s brother punched the trooper when the trooper tried to grab the keys from the ignition of the SUV and shift the SUV into park. The scuffle ended when a Park Ranger came upon the scene and assisted the trooper in handcuffing Mr. Reid. A search of the SUV found a firearm in the car. Since Mr. Reid was intoxicated possession of the gun mandated another charge. Clark County DWIs can be easily disposed of by contacting

Shortly after Larry Reid’s Las Vegas driving while intoxicated arrest, political pundits coupled his injuries with injuries his brother, Senator Harry Reid, sustained on New Year’s Day. At the start of the year, Senator Reid fell while exercising breaking his ribs, injuring his eye and even breaking some of his facial bones. The Senator was using an exercise band that snapped causing the fall and subsequent injury. Some conflated the two events and some research showed that potentially Larry Reid had been seen at a Henderson AA meeting bloodied on New Year’s Eve.

If you have been ticketed for a driving infraction in Las Vegas contact today. From our website, you can fight or fix a ticket for speeding, running a red light or even using your phone while behind the wheel of your automobile. Our site will enable you to avoid the long lines at the Clark County traffic court. For some infractions, like many DUI citations, in person meetings with our Las Vegas traffic attorneys are required.

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