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Las Vegas Assemblyman Convicted of DUI and Gun Possession

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Las Vegas Assemblyman Convicted of DUI and Gun Possession

The Nevada Assemblyman from District 18, Richard Carrillo received a guilty verdict on Monday July 27th for being in possession of a gun while drunk and also DUI. The Assembly man did not receive any jail time with the conviction. Assemblyman Carrillo, a Democrat, was arrested on February 27th in Carson City, Nevada. He was in Carson City for the biannual session of the Nevada legislature. A witness found the Assemblyman sleeping behind the wheel of his parked, yet running car. The car was in front of a popular Carson City cigar bar. The gun Mr. Carrillo was carrying was a .22 caliber pistol – and it was loaded with bullets.

Even though Mr. Carrillo wasn’t driving his car at the time of the arrest, the judge in the case determined that since he could have started driving at any time, he should be convicted. The Assemblyman was sentenced to $800 in court fees and fine and will have to serve the community for 42 hours. In addition, Mr. Carrillo will lose his ability to own a gun for 365 days. Mr. Carrillo appealed his conviction on Thursday, July 30th. The Las Vegas Assemblyman had six more days to file his letter appealing the verdict.

While the Assemblyman did not get his DUI in Las Vegas, he did not lose his driving privileges either. The prosecutors in the case also wanted Mr. Carrillo to get a 30-day suspended prison sentence but the judge declined to penalize the Assemblyman so.

A security guard first found Mr. Carrillo passed out near landscaped shrub and offered to get the Assembly man a taxicab. The security guard in Carson City and the prosecution’s main witness in the case, Michael Lawrence, was on patrol when he found Mr. Carrillo. Mr. Lawrence then found Mr. Carrillo in his automobile a short time later.

speeding-ticketHad Assemblyman Carrillo been arrested for Clark County driving while intoxicated, he could have worked with the attorneys at Mr. Carrillo’s case illustrated how important it is to hire a lawyer when you have been ticketed for Southern Nevada drunk driving. Our attorneys can help you fight your citation and there are a number of ways that many DUI arrest can be challenged. Our website, can also help you fight or fix Las Vegas speeding tickets, Clark County tickets for running a stop sign and even a ticket in Southern Nevada for using your cell phone while driving.

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