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Henderson Law Enforcement Effort Nabs Three For Clark County DUI

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Henderson Law Enforcement Effort Nabs Three For Clark County DUI

Henderson police, in conjunction with the State of Nevada, increased traffic patrols in an effort to improve traffic safety, cited and or arrested nearly 393 drivers, passengers and even pedestrians in the nearly two week effort. Three Henderson DUI tickets were also written during the enforcement efforts. The program which finished July 13th and started July 2nd, resulted in almost 346 cars, trucks and motorcycles pulled over and tickets written. 182 of the tickets written were for Clark County speeding. Running red lights resulted in 11 tickets. 28 drivers were ticketed for not yielding to other drivers when street signs instructed them to do so.

The traffic enforcement effort was funded by a joint federal and state Joining Forces grant. The grant, which was $107,500 was used to pay for officer overtime and consumables used in the increased traffic enforcement. Those consumables include gasoline, rubber gloves and pipettes used by breathalyzers. Joining Forces is designed to help urban communities reduce the deaths associated with dangerous and distracted driving. The program also works to educate pedestrians in traffic safety so that the deadly rising count of pedestrian deaths can be curbed in the Silver State. Joining Forces is a State of Nevada grant program that receives funding from the federal government. The program gives money to cities and state agencies to increase enforcement, cooperate and even funds advertising. Joining Forces advertising campaigns include the Click It or Ticket advertising program and advertising designed to dissuade people from intoxicated driving in Southern Nevada.

DUI checkpointJoining Forces is a law enforcement effort that bridges jurisdictions. The program is designed to promote safe driving and targets pedestrian safety, drunk and drugged driving, driving while distracted, those not using seat belts and even speeders. Automobile accidents are the biggest reason people die in America. The majority of all accidents could have been prevented. The events sponsored by Joining Forces grants are designed to reduce the incidents of drivers engaging in risky behavior. can help you fight or fix nearly any ticket you get in Southern Nevada. Our website will enable you to easily dispose of your citation for speeding in Las Vegas, ignoring traffic signals in Southern Nevada and even a ticket for talking on your cell phone while you are behind the wheel in Clark County. Our website enables you to skip the long lines at Clark County traffic court and get on with your day!

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