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Man Speaks Out After Being Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident

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Man Speaks Out After Being Injured In Las Vegas DUI Accident

When Marko Kustudia went on his daily morning walk, he didn’t expect to be involved in a Las Vegas DUI accident that left another man dead and him hospitalized with serious injuries. Mr. Kustudia was walking on October 7th, when he saw the sunrise illuminate the Las Vegas valley and then was shockingly bathed in headlights, as an automobile began to bear down on him. Mr. Kustudia was walking on Maryland Pkwy, in the vicinity of Gehring Elementary School, which is at the nearby intersection of Gary Ave and Richmar Ave. The other man hit in the Clark County driving under the influence crash was 78-year old Richard Bryan. The accident happened early in the day, at approximately 7:00 a.m. Mr. Bryan was pronounced dead right where the accident happened. 75-year old Mr. Kustudia was rushed to the hospital, in serious pain, with his injuries.

traffic stopAs Mr. Kustudia continue to heal from his Las Vegas automobile injuries, he and his wife are stricken with worry about the cost of the medical bills he is accruing. In the accident, Mr. Kustudia suffered a broken ankle, spine and neck. Now, as he attempts to heal, Mr. Kustudia will live a life with metal screws and plates holding him together. Mr. Kustudia not only worries about the medical bills but also the loss of the active lifestyle he led with daily walks and vigorous exercise. Mr. Kustudia spends his days hoping for his strength to come back.

After the accident, Las Vegas police arrested Nicole Johnson, 31, for the driving while intoxicated accident. Ms. Johnson is currently in jail, facing a bond of $2 million. Ms.Johnson is facing one count of injuring someone while drunk driving and another count of killing someone while driving drunk. Two days previous, Ms. Johnson has been in an accident approximately one mile from the accident where Mr. Bryan and Mr. Kustudia were injured. Ms. Johnson was not cited for the accident where no one was injured. Witnesses at the accident have stated that they believe Ms. Johnson was inebriated at the time of the crash.

If you have been cited for a Southern Nevada DWI that caused a death, injury or damaged someone’s property, can help represent you in the case. If bodily harm was caused or something was damaged in the crash, you will need to meet with one of our Nevada licensed DUI attorneys to begin your case.

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