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Las Vegas DUI News for Former County Commissioner

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Las Vegas DUI News for Former County Commissioner

The Cowboy Commissioner is in Las Vegas DUI news again, which is really not news to any who follow Las Vegas traffic law issue like we do at It’s probably not surprising to many people that the news this time is regarding his driving under the influence in Las Vegas charge stemming from a car crash he was involved in in December of last year. That former Clark County Commissioner, one Tom Collins by reputation and Clarence Weldon Collins Jr. by birth certificate, not at all unknown in the courts and law enforcement system of Southern Nevada towns as well as the highway patrol, and not, shall we say, just for being a Clark County Commissioner. Former Commissioner Collins has been in trouble with the law publically at least since a reckless driving charge back in the early nineties. He’s had livestock allegedly escape and injure people, there’s a famous incident with firearms as well.

Collins pleaded “no contest” to these recent charges. That’s a phrase, a piece of legal jargon, that isn’t much used on popular depictions of the law. We understand why, of course – there’s no drama in a confusing term that means usually means we came to an agreement on the charges, not some tension filled “not guilty!” But the result is that not many people know what it means at first blush, not many people, that is, except for folks like the top traffic law attorneys at We know that this type of a plea will often mean that a smart person has used the attorneys at for a DUI charge in Las Vegas to get the absolute best, quickest, and inexpensive resolution to this often difficult situation. Whether it comes from a Las Vegas vehicle accident, a roadside checkpoint, a taillight out, or any other traffic stop, we can help.

Visit for top online DUI lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding areas. It’s as easy as one click to get started today and connect with an experienced DUI attorney in Clark County. Whatever situation you’re in, we can help.

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