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Police Ticket of 300 People in Nevada and California

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Police Ticket of 300 People in Nevada and California

The Nevada Highways Patrol went on a speeding and other ticket giving spree today. They had help from the California Highway Patrol for this fine dispensing bonanza, along with officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Henderson Police Department. It was a regular flock of law enforcement, and all aimed at making spring break a little more expensive for some people. The focus of the enforcement zone was along interstate 15, which we suppose is why the California Highway Patrol was involved. If you were giving a speeding ticket in Nevada as part of this special enforcement period and focus, can help. Our completely online system connects you with a top attorney who will handle your Las Vegas traffic ticket for you totally online in most cases. We’ll get you the best outcome for your ticket possible – thrown out, or smaller plea deal, for example – and we’ll handle everything for you. You don’t need to come to our offices or go to Las Vegas traffic court, we can take care of the vast majority of cases over the internet with a small, clearly labeled set of final documents to sign.

It doesn’t seem from the numbers at least like the police and highway patrol were giving any breaks to drivers. Of the 308 vehicles who were stopped, there were a total of 316 total violations written out to drivers. That means that for the most part, everyone got at least one and some got more than one Nevada traffic ticket. Maybe a few got none, but unlikely you were one of them if you are reading this blog right now.

Why are you reading this right now? Chances are because you got a speeding ticket or DUI in Las Vegas. The speeding ticket is as easy as one click, as is almost any other moving violation. DUIs may be a little more involved depending on the circumstances, but we take as much of the pain out of it as humanly possible at Our online system streamlines the work for everyone, and we pass that savings on to you. is how to fix a Las Vegas traffic ticket online.

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