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Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas Construction Zones

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Speeding Ticket in Las Vegas Construction Zones

There’s a new Road Warrior blogger for the Las Vegas Review Journal. There’s been a lot of turnover at that paper and online news source recently due to the purchase of the company by Sheldon Adelson and his family. Adelson, if you’re new to the area or just don’t follow this kind of news, is the owner of the Sands Corporation, which owns the Sands, Venetian, and a number of other gaming properties in Las Vegas and across the globe. The Sands Corporation’s Macau gaming operation is of particular note as it is one of the company’s biggest money makers. Adelson is a billionaire, and incredibly politically active. He is predominantly a donor to Republican candidates and super PACs (political action committees), and never just sitting back and letting the world pass by, but always trying to influence it. For instance, he is currently trying to get the Oakland Raider’s National Football League team to relocate to Las Vegas, through a complicated financing scheme to build a stadium in part on taxpayer subsidies.

But enough about all that, as it is somewhat tangential (read: totally out of left field) for this blog. This blog is about speeding tickets in Las Vegas, and other traffic violations and how to fight them online. Back to the original thesis of this blog, the Road Warrior blog over at the Review Journal, we have no idea if the change in bloggers is due to the Adelson purchase of the paper. But the new blogger, Art Marroquin, is offering some interesting information and responses to questions on his recent blog about speeding tickets in Las Vegas construction zones and how they can double fines even if no workers are present. He also offers a number of other interesting facts and tidbits on school zones, and the laws that govern when the flashing lights are going both during the day and throughout the year, even when most schools are out of session. He talks about airport delays and the various construction projects that are underway making travel somewhat difficult during the lane closures of construction season. It’s a blog worth checking out.

But not if you’ve received a doubled speeding ticket in Las Vegas construction zones that’s looking like it will cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. You should first look to fight it online with and the top Las Vegas speeding ticket attorneys the site will connect you with. takes care of everything for you. You don’t need to visit our offices or deal with traffic court, our attorneys handle everything. Fight you construction zone speeding ticket in Las Vegas online at

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