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Different Kinds of Nevada Careless Driving Citations

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Different Kinds of Nevada Careless Driving Citations

Though we are mostly an online traffic ticket service for Las Vegas and the surrounding area, we still follow traffic law all over the state. Good ideas spread, and sometimes bad ideas spread even more quickly. So we perked our ears up when we saw news of a new Nevada traffic law going into effect in Reno. What are our urban compatriots up north up to these days? They’re making a separate traffic offense for careless driving in Nevada, if only inside their Reno city limits. Additions to the no no list include eating, doing any kind of makeup or face pruning including but not limited to shaving, and more. The actual infraction that this has become is called “Inattentive Driving” and also includes the heinous act of brushing your teeth. At least according to some reports, kids distracting you is also a newly leveled traffic violation under this new provision. Even Fido and Katty Cat are not immune from being the proximal causes of this statute. It’s not a cheap Nevada traffic citation, either, running up to and including three hundred and five dollars. It’s not surprising that the list of banned and newly harsher penalized activities includes doing donut or generally burning rubber in a car lot. Above and beyond that, a careless driving ticket for a whopping four hundred and fifty dollars can be issued when a driving is speeding at a “greater than reasonable rate” or without regard for life and limb of other parties.

What is the common theme running through basically all of these new infractions? They’re subjective in the eyes of the law enforcement officer you’re dealing with. This is not a speeding ticket where a radar gives less subjective testimony or even a blood alcohol content above .08 blood alcohol level. Though both of those measures and specifically the measurements and chain of custody thereof can be challenged, they are specific levels above which you may not go. Not so for these laws, they all depend on their impeding your ability to be safe behind the wheel in the eyes of the officer. follows Nevada traffic law issues like this to know how best to help you if you’re stopped for a traffic violation and want to fight your ticket online. Our easy to use system is called “click n fix” for a reason: our goal and our measurement of success is helping you as effectively and quickly as possible. Visit today to fight a Nevada careless driving citation online.

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