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DUI News in Nevada

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DUI News in Nevada

DUI crashes in Nevada have gone down, but you wouldn’t know it from recent news reports or Nevada DUI and other vehicle accidents and deaths. The interesting thing about this piece is what it says versus what it is about in a headline versus what it is about in the article. The headline reads like something the Zero Fatalities people might have planted, “Fatal DUI crashes raise concerns about impaired driving in Nevada.” Something they might have planted as a scare tactic, that is. We say that because the minute you start reading into the article the news itself has a very different tone. For instance, you would not expect in a piece titled as such that there had been a major decrease in the number of deaths from driving under the influence. We can’t actually tell from the article whether that refers only to Washoe County or also to the rest of Nevada. But either way, not language you expected with that headline.

You also wouldn’t expect a nugget like the one buried at the end. In the final graph of the piece, it talks about one particularly surprising weekend that had no fatal accidents on Nevada roads. That would be the Fourth of July weekend which is usually a weekend of lots of partying and with it lots of Nevada DUI arrest incidents, accidents, and yes, fatalities. So these are all good news pieces, and truly not what you’d expect, or at least that we’d expect to see under that headline. Now that said there have been twenty eight people killed in Nevada driving under the influence instances, which is an awful and embarrassingly high number.

B.A.C. (blood alcohol concentration) or legal limit is .08 in Nevada. Drunken Driving charges are prosecuted based upon blood, urine, or breath analysis. A supplemental sobriety test may also be given at the scene of the suspected violation. The Law does not prefer one test over the other and are all treated the same in Court. There are many defenses available to the accused drunk driver including the following: Was the performed test accurate? Was the test issued simultaneously? Was the test issued timely? Was the police inspection Constitutional? Did the officer follow the rules? Does the documentation support the charge? Was Due Process violated in any way? Call today at 702-684-6906 if you have been arrested for DUI and need a DUI attorney to help fight for your rights in Court. Do go alone—get the Power of many years of experience to help you keep that first DUI at bay. The DUI rules are very clear in Nevada. A first time offense is very expensive and time consuming. The second time offense is not only expensive, but also truly serious and an experienced attorney should be handling your matter. A DUI third offense is bad news.

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