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Program on Driving Under the Influence in Las Vegas

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Program on Driving Under the Influence in Las Vegas

Driving under the influence is not the best idea in the world. This is not a novel concept, and it’s one that even we, Las Vegas DUI arrest lawyers, can agree with. Studies show it’s not great, as does history. However, we still believe that people need the best defense. They deserve to have their case seen as an individual circumstance, and an attorney who will fight for them. fights for people who have been arrested for driving under the influence in Las Vegas. We know your case is an individual and singular circumstance, and you should be seen as a person, not a statistic. If there is a problem with the chain of evidence or the original arrest or any number of other things, we may be able to get your case thrown out. If not, can get your fine and license points and license revocation cut down significantly – it’s what we do. We know you deserve the full protection of the law and the legal system as much as the police have a duty to play the other side, and we will fight for you. We are experienced Las Vegas DUI attorneys, contact us today to get started and fight your Las Vegas DUI online.

What’s the opposite of treating your situation and you like an individual? Well, one good example is the Every 15 Minutes program. This is a program that is taught to Las Vegas high school students, among others. It focuses on the extreme of dangers of driving under the influence in Las Vegas. While we laud this program for its focus on prevention of driving under the influence, we also worry about the broad brush scare tactics of the program. Like any prevention measure, it can show things in a very black and white light. The world is just not that way. And if you teach children, implicitly or explicitly, that driving with a buzz one time will land them and all their friends in the morgue, you’re setting up a scenario where they drive buzzed once and nothing happens. Then what? They believe that everything you told them was lie, and continue to drive more and more intoxicated. And yet, this program will continue to be taught – one class happened today at a local high school, and an assembly will take place at that school tomorrow to reinforce this message. We only wish that some balance could enter into the discussion, and people who are arrested for driving under the influence in Las Vegas not be seen in such a black and white light – that’s why we fight for their rights.

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