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Hangover-Free Alcohol Isn’t DUI Free for Nevada Drivers

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Hangover-Free Alcohol Isn’t DUI Free for Nevada Drivers

Research looks like it may be getting every closer to a drink that acts like alcohol in its effects, but does not give you the one you don’t want: it supposedly carries with it no hangover. Notice anything wrong with the prior sentence? Our clients do. Because a hangover is nothing compared to the morning after effects of an arrest for driving under the influence in Nevada. Yes, hangovers are bad. Sometimes, hangovers are downright awful. Nobody wants one and absolutely nobody wants the bad kind, the kind where you’re throwing up the next day, unable to move, head hurting to the point where no amount of headache medicine makes a dent, where even the second day is rough. But that’s about as long as a hangover lasts: around two days with the second just being irritating. The effects of a Nevada DUI charge and especially conviction can haunt you for months and even years. That’s why makes it easy for you to fight a Nevada DUI arrest online. Our simple system connects you with a top DUI lawyer in Nevada over the internet. We know that’s the way most people are used to finding things and getting help and conducting their lives these days, so we thought we’d make it simple. is easy, quick, and inexpensive – we limit the amount of time you have to spend in traffic court or in our office through skill and experience because we want you to be able to move on with your life, and not be bound by your Nevada DUI charge.

So how does this hangoverless booze work? The inventor isn’t saying. That is probably smart business sense, but it also doesn’t help slake our curiosity! This from a recent news report in Nevada on alcohol free drink:

“The Independent reports that Imperial College Professor has developed a drink that allows people to get drunk but avoid the next-day hangover.

Alcosynth, developed by Professor David Nutt, is liquid chemical added straight to cocktails that is designed prevent the headaches, nausea and dry mouth that occur after a night of drinking. Nutt also says alcosynth is better for long-term health than traditional alcohol.”

The other problem with hangover free alcohol might be in terms of leading to more binge drinking especially in inexperienced drinkers, usually young people. A hangover can be a good wake up call (pun intended) that you drank too much, and helps you learn to dial it back. Without it, will more kids drink more, and more frequently? Only time will tell.

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