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School Bus Speeding in Las Vegas, Video Reports to Show

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School Bus Speeding in Las Vegas, Video Reports to Show

What happens when a school bus is caught on camera speeding in Las Vegas? Not much, at least apparently and so far. We’re not even sure if it was issued a Las Vegas speeding ticket or not. But either way, it’s an interesting story and medium term fallout that happened recently. At least according to recent news reports, a police officer who was driving a personal vehicle and was off duty saw a school bus egregiously speeding around a Las Vegas neighborhood. The off duty officer was unable to ascertain if there were any children on the bus at the time. However, he was able to determine the number on the bus (the vehicle identification number with the Clark County School District fleet) in order to not only begin the investigative process but also to contact media with the report. The officer says his video shows the bus hitting approximately 60 miles an hour in a zone with a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour. The video also relatively clearly shows the bus making a turn to the right that is effected without the use of a blinker. That is a traffic violation for sure, though a relatively minor one, and certainly not one that’s particularly worth following by an off duty officer. However, the speeding charge is significant. helps individuals fight Las Vegas speeding tickets online. We’re not sure whether we can help this bus driver or not, in part because we’re not sure whether he’d be issued a Las Vegas speeding ticket or not. We do know that speeding would be relatively expensive if it happened in a school zone. We know why, because school bus accidents in Las Vegas are not uncommon, and also can be very serious. But, our job and passion at is to help people who are issued a Las Vegas speeding ticket fight it online. Visit today to get started.

Here’s what the Clark County School District had to say about the video:

“CCSD will look into this situation, as safety is our main priority. Our bus drivers undergo trainings (sic) to ensure that they are safely transporting students to and from school. We expect our bus drivers to follow the rules of the road. This will be looked into by CCSD’s transportation investigators. We encourage the community to report unsafe driving by calling (702) 799-7233.”

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