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More Cops and More Speeding Tickets Possible in Las Vegas

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More Cops and More Speeding Tickets Possible in Las Vegas

There could soon be more officers to give out more Las Vegas speeding tickets. That’s because additional funding for police officers may be back on the table at a special session of the legislature that would presumably begin next week. The special session is not at all being called because there is a lack of uniformed officers patrolling Las Vegas streets. In fact, the special session is to bring more criminal element to the Las Vegas area: it is to bring raiders to our fair city. Or more appropriately, that should be capitalized as Raiders, and given the potential official name: the Las Vegas Raiders, a franchise of the National Football League. Pardon the terrible play on words, please. However, the bi-product of a special session is potentially some smaller bills that are unrelated in most senses to the huge taxpayer funding portion of the stadium that the other money men say is necessary to their putting up any money for the team and their new digs. In this case, as stated above, part of the potential other purposes of the session could be to directly approve a tax increase for more officers for the Las Vegas Metro Police Force. Or the legislature could punt again and authorize the Clark County Commission to authorize the increase earmarked for law enforcement.

If it goes through there will be more officers to give out speeding tickets in Las Vegas. If you’re reading this blog you probably already feel like there is too much of that as it is, since most likely you found us looking for top lawyers to fight a Nevada speeding ticket online. You’ve come to the right place by visiting Our online system lets you fix a ticket with ease, and economically. handles everything for you, and passes the savings of our online systems’ streamlined processes back to you, as well. Try today if you want to avoid Las Vegas traffic court but you also don’t want to or can’t just roll over and accept the fine and the license points.

Only time will tell if the law enforcement funding is included in the special session. The proclamation announcing the special and therefor the topics to be covered in it aren’t typically made official until the night before, to allow candidates to raise more money before the blackout date. Ah, the crazy political system we live in.

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