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More on Nevada Marijuana DUI News

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More on Nevada Marijuana DUI News

One of the biggest talking points for the people running against state question two is that Nevada DUI issues will increase. They believe a huge surge will take place in instances of people being arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana in Las Vegas. They also believe, or at least are saying, that it will increase the injuries and even deaths from accidents caused by. The recent news on this is another person of interest and profile taking a public stand against question two. That is the question, if it wasn’t painfully obvious by this writing or any number of advertisements, is the question regarding full legalization of marijuana recreationally in the state of Nevada. It has been legal for medical purposes in Nevada for years. Depending on your perspective marijuana for medical uses has been legal in Nevada for about two years, or about 12 years. But that’s a side note that we don’t necessarily need to play at this particular moment.

Back to the news we go. The recent public official to speak out against marijuana for recreational use is the District Attorney of Washoe County. This gentleman came out along with other members of the Nevada DUI Task Force. They noted that accidents related to marijuana are going up already in Nevada. They emphasized their belief that that number will only increase as and if question two passes to fully legalize marijuana. Now we have only seen from news reports, but it was not clear that the group released anything along with this supposition. Did they show before and after statistics? Were they controlled for any number of other confounding variables? That’s a very important one, as any number of things can affect this.

One of the hardest ones with marijuana is that DUI arrests in Nevada are currently made from a per se blood measurement. This blood measurement has been shown over and over to be an imperfect measurement of impairments at best, and a terribly non-accurate measurement of any impacts to driving. helps with all kinds of Nevada DUI arrest issues. Our online system connects you with a top Nevada DUI attorney day or night. Do not fight a DUI in Nevada on your own, fight it online with We’ll get you the best plea deal possible as a last resort, and get your arrest and charge or charges thrown out at best.

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