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Las Vegas Metro Police DUI Checkpoint Tonight

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Las Vegas Metro Police DUI Checkpoint Tonight

Las Vegas Metro Police are just finishing up conducting a DUI checkpoint. This is nothing new in terms of them conducting checkpoints, but of course every new check point yields additional Las Vegas DUI arrest issues. The checkpoint will actually be running for another 20 minutes or so. (Don’t ask the specifics of why this author is up so late, beyond that it involves little kids). If you’ve been hit with a DUI at a Las Vegas sobriety checkpoint and want to fight it online, you can do it right now. handles Nevada DUI charges through our online system any time day or night, as our name hopefully suggests. Connect with a top DUI attorney right now to at least take the worry about “what am I gonna do?!” out of the admittedly unpleasant experience. We will begin handling your charge immediately, and be in touch with you quickly (but usually during business hours) about how the case is and will be handled. Fixing your Las Vegas DUI online is just a click away at

How does the Metro Traffic Division work, and how is it divided (ha ha ha) between the different functions it plays? Here is, in their own words, an excerpt from the Las Vegas Metro DUI and Traffic section:

“The Traffic Bureau is divided into two sections:

Traffic Section, which consists of Field Squads / PSU, which investigate traffic accidents and conduct traffic enforcement; TARGET DUI, which compiles and prepares submittals for prosecution on all DUI arrests; The Accident Investigation Detail, which consists of both the Hit&Run and the Fatal teams; and The Training Unit Detail, which is responsible for new and recurrent training for the officers assigned to the Traffic Bureau.

Traffic congestion in our urban environment and the ability of the motorcycle to maneuver in traffic is the primary reason it is used as a law enforcement vehicle. The motorcycle has been used by police agencies since 1870 and is the primary mode of transportation for the LVMPD Traffic Bureau.

The bureau consists of 150 officers, of which, 144 are certified as Motorcycle officers. Every Police Motorcycle Officer/Supervisor must pass a rigorous 120 hour motorcycle academy and must be re-certified every six (6) months.

 The LVMPD Traffic Bureau is constantly exploring and implementing new and innovative methods to improve traffic safety and decrease serious injury / fatal accidents.”

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